For those not traveling with us, staying on the mountain for an extended period of time, or living on the mountain, we have something for you as well! Introducing D.O.T. Delivery. We know that there are limitations to what can be purchased in the village, so we want to give you more selection, along with city pricing! By ordering through our partners, all you need to do is select your supplies online, and we will deliver to your door! Orders must be placed by 4:00pm for next day delivery.

(Delivery Fees apply)

IGA Rutland Grocery Delivery

Since 1955, IGA has become more than a grocery store. It’s a name that’s built around community, and a gathering place where fresh has always been fresh and business has always been done with a handshake. Some things have changed over the years, but the quality of our products and our commitment to creating an inviting local shopping experience has stayed the same. It’s little things like this that make us local at heart, and allow us to deliver simple goodness to the communities we call home. All items listed below are "Market Price".

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Public Liquor Delivery

Discover Okanagan Tours has teamed with Public Liquor because of their passion for hand-crafted local beer, wine, and spirits. While working together, we have put together as selection of small batch artisan spirits, Okanagan wines, and BC craft beers – but don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the classics. Within this space, it is more than just a liquor store: it is a place to celebrate our province's winemakers, distillers, and brewers; an immersive liquor experience where you could taste, learn, and support local dreamers.

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