6 Okanagan Malbec

Check out these 6 Okanagan Malbec that are yours to Discover on World Malbec Day.

April 17, 2022

This World Malbec Day, we invite you to try one of the 6 Okanagan Malbec on this list! Malbec is well known for its deep purple colour and full body.  Furthermore, Malbec grapes are small, dark in colour, and have thick skins. All of this contributes to a rich fruity flavour and medium tannin levels people love to indulge in today.  For wine lovers, Malbec is a delicious, globally adored wine. As one of the most popular wines in the world, Malbec is actually known as “Côt” in French, which means “coast” in English. 

The History of Malbec in Old World Wines:

Originally grown in the Bordeaux and the Loire Valley in France, Malbec has grown considerably since the 1800s. The first known records of the grape and its wine came from the 16th century. Back then, it was only known as Auxerrois, but would be introduced as Malbec in the 1780s. Monseiur Malbec, gave the varietal it’s namesake, who planted it in the Bordeaux region.  It used to be considered a low-quality grape when it was first being produced in the Cahors region of France. That has considerably changed over the last few centuries.

Malbec grapes now take up about one-third of the Argentinian vineyards and it is one of the most important wines produced in the country.  Malbec wine differs in taste depending on where it was grown.  In France, the wine is tart and savoury, but Argentinian vineyards produce a plummy and soft texture, quite the juxtaposition to that of the French original! Canadian vineyards would begin adopting and producing Malbec in the 20th century, but Malbec notably struggles in colder climates. However, the growth of these grapes would be curated over time to ensure beautiful harvests and the highest quality of Malbec wines.

Malbec in the Okanagan:

Today, there are more than 10,000 acres dedicated to wine production in British Columbia. The Okanagan Valley is a 132-mile region of more than 200 licensed wineries and over 1,000 vineyards producing amazing wines to share, purchase, and take home to enjoy with your loved ones. Although Malbec is only the 7th most planted grape in BC, it encompasses 122 acres. Of these acres, the Malbec grape accounts for 2.08% of all red wine, and 1.11% of all grapes planted. Malbec is one of the many luxurious wines that you can find in this stunning valley, and another Okanagan treasure to be discovered. We are happy to present some of the very best Malbec varieties for you to try on World Malbec Day 2022.

Below you will find 6 must try Okanagan single varietal Malbec, in no particular order.

the hatch | 2017 “The Greatest Love of Mal” | West Kelowna, B.C.

📷 Credit: thehatchwines.com

Sourced from the Hans Estate in Osoyoos, this is a wine that reflects the benefits of a desert extreme. This Malbec emulates the vineyards best grapes and was aged in oak for 28 months.  Only bottled just last year, this wine has notes of licorice, chocolate-covered cherries, and more, providing a sweet but memorable taste that is unique to all other Malbecs. Paired again with a steak dinner or other red meat, this Malbec is one of the best varieties of the season to help you celebrate Malbec World Day.

Price: $59.99

Residual Sugar: 2.50 g/L

T.A.: 6.6 g/L

Ex Nihilo Vineyards | 2018 Privata Malbec | Lake Country, B.C.

📷 Credit: exnihilovineyards.com

The Privata Malbec comes from Lake Country in British Columbia, with the grapes being sourced from Osoyoos, right in the heart of the Okanagan Valley. With rich and a full-bodied taste, a glass of this Malbec will leave you with notes of blueberry, vanilla, and sweet tobacco.  Fruity notes within the wine will also leave you with a blackberry, dark plum, and smooth cocoa finish, complete with medium tannins.  This is the perfect wine for pairing with some of your favorite meals, sourced from a wine that lived and breathed the Okanagan sun prior to harvest.

Price: $62.00 CAD

Residual Sugar: 2.05 g/L

T.A.: 5.85 g/L

Mt. Boucherie Esatate Winery | 2018 Reserve Malbec | Similkameen Valley, B.C.

📷 Credit: mtboucherie.com

This Reserve Malbec is sourced from the Lazy River Vineyard in the Similkameen Valley.  This wine is a rich fruit and spice driven wine, with ripe tannins and balancing acidity for a stunning flavour.  You’ll immediately be taken aback by notes of anise, tobacco, black raspberry, and florals.  This is paired perfectly with all varieties of grilled red meats.  With a distinct but earthy mineral characteristic, this wine will surely impress your friends, family, and make for a delicious part of your next social event. This wine is a 2021 BC Lieutenant Governor’s Award Silver Medal Recipient.

Price: $44.99 CAD

Residual Sugar: 1.32 g/L

T.A.: 5.85 g/L

Indigenous World Wines | 2018 Single Vineyard Malbec | West Kelowna, B.C.

📷 Credit: indigenousworldwinery.com

As the sequel to a previous harvest produced in 2015, this 2018 Single Vineyard Malbec from Indigenous World Winery does not disappoint.  Indigenous World Winery produced a bold and powerful single vineyard Malbec that is a deep red, almost deep enough to reflect notes of dark blue within its appearance. With a velvety and rich taste reflective of chocolate and blueberry undertones, this has ample tannin for you to enjoy.  We recommend you pair this specific variety with a leg of lamb, some delicious chocolate, or even just have a glass to wind down at night.

Price: $44.99 CAD

Residual Sugar: Unknown at time of publishing

T.A.: Unknown at time of publishing

Hillside Winery | 2018 Heritage Malbec | Naramata, B.C.

📷 Credit: hillsidewinery.ca

Just south of the Naramata Village, this 2018 Heritage Malbec is rich of the flavours of spice cake and dark fruit.  Aged with French oak barrels, this specific wine variety was matured for just over a year and made with whole-berry fruits, fermented, and left to soak up the rich tannins that do not cease to impress.  Best of all, this wine variety also won Bronze at the 2018 BC Lieutenant Governor’s Wine Awards, making this a selection that we hope you can take part in this Malbec World Day.

Price: $27.00

Residual Sugar: Unknown at the time of publishing

Nostalgia Wines Inc. | 2018 Malbec | Oliver, B.C.

📷 Credit: nostalgiawines.ca

From the notable family-owned Nostalgia Wines company, this Malbec is exclusive to members of their wine club.  It is well worth joining their wine club to have the opportunity to taste this fantastic variety! This is a full-bodied wine that offer ripe but firm tannins and a delicious blend of black cherry, boysenberry, blackberry, vanilla, and notes of cloves.  This is best to pair with your favorite barbequed beef, short ribs, Chinese barbequed pork, or even a sliver of dark chocolate as an evening snack.

Price: $37.77

Residual Sugar: 1.2 g/L

T.A.: 6.4 g/L

We hope you enjoyed reading about these 6 amazing Okanagan Malbecs! We definitely had a hard time choosing the top 6 for this list. Check back in to our blog to hear about more wine days this year!

If you have had the pleasure of trying the wines listed above, here are 6 more Okanagan Malbec for you to Discover!

Dessert Hills | 2018 Malbec | Oliver, B.C.

Bench 1775 | Nouveau Malbec | Naramata, B.C.

Dasilva Vineyards | 2018 Malbec | Naramata, B.C.

Mt. Boucherie Estate Winery | 2018 Reserve Malbec | West Kelowna, B.C.

Crown and Theives | 2018 Cry Baby Malbec | West Kelowna, B.C.

Silkscarf Winery | 2017 Malbec – Cabernet | Summerland, B.C.