Covid-19 Action Plan

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Discover Okanagan Tours Covid-19 Action Plan in Full

Assess risks:

  1. Ownership and management have assessed all risks and have created this Covid-19 action plan, including but not limited to high contact surfaces and airborne particulates. At the time of thus document, there were no other guides on our team. As other guides join our team, we will continue to assess risks with their input and will make changes to the policy below as we see fit. We have identified job tasks and processes where workers are close to one another or members of the public.


  1. All our tour guides, when applicable, work independently of one another, with varying start times. It is very unlikely that 2 employees will be at our vehicle storage location together at the same time. If they happen to be there, they will ensure that social distancing takes place. They are also required to sanitize any common areas both upon arrival, and before they leave the site.
  2. Schedules start times will be staggered, when possible.
  3. Sanitization of all hard surfaces within tour vans prior to picking up guests, and again after they are dropped off. We will also be sanitizing whenever possible along our tour.
  4. All winery, brewery and cidery tours will be private until we are advised otherwise.

Barriers and partitions:

  1. Barriers to be placed within our vehicles are currently being sourced.
  2. Although we have not installed any physical barriers, we have adjusted our seating layout to ensure that our guides will stay physically distant from our guests, at approximately 6 feet.
  3. Guides and guests will be facing the same direction while the vehicle is in motion.
  4. Guests will not be permitted to sit within the 6-foot recommended distance from our guides.

Rules and guidelines:

  1. Pre-screening will take place – guides will be asking all guests about current health conditions, travel history outside of Canada, contact or potential contact with a person infected with Covid-19.
  2. Guides work independently of one another with staggering start times, and therefore the risk of transmitting COVID-19 from face to face contact is not likely. If guides are in the same location at the same time, they have been instructed to maintain social distancing.
  3. All guides are required to clean and sanitize all hard surfaces within the tour van, wearing company provided latex/vinyl gloves, both before and after their scheduled tour. These surfaces include, but are not limited to the vehicle floors, windows, door handles, seatbelt buckles, seats (leather when applicable), steering wheel, turn signal/windshield wiper/headlight/stereo controls, and rear storage compartment. Guides are also required to sanitize any soft surfaces using company supplied sanitizer suitable for carpet and fabric.
  4. All guides are required to clean and sanitize all hard surfaces at our vehicle compound, including but not limited to: desk area, keys, key fobs, key storage box, transportation binders, entry door and door pad lock, before leaving for their scheduled tour. This procedure is to be completed again after their tour is completed for the day before they go home.

Using masks:

  1. Guides will not be required to wear masks as physical distancing will be in place, with certain stipulations.
  2. Guides are to ask guests if they would like them to wear a mask while inside the vehicle and during the tour. The are asked to fulfill the guests request.
  3. Guides outline the importance of allowing for physical distancing while guests enter and exit the vehicle.
  4. Guides will be provided with 2 cloth masks per tour for which they will be responsible to keep clean and sanitized after each shift.

Reducing the risk of surface transmission through effective cleaning and hygiene practices:

  1. Guides will not be permitted to carry guests purchases from the wine shop to the tour van unless they are wearing latex/vinyl gloves which will be supplied.
  2. Guides will sanitize hard surfaces such as door handles and seatbelt buckles at each stop along the tour.
  3. Guides will clean and sanitize all hard surfaces as above if conducting multiple tours in a single day.
  4. Tour vans will have alcohol-based hand sanitizer available for guests in the seating area of the vehicles cabin.
  5. Tour vans will have alcohol-based hand sanitizer available for guides near the drivers’ seat of the vehicles cabin. Guides are required to apply hand sanitizer each time they enter the vehicle, before moving on to the next location.
  6. Although had washing stations are not available within the tour vehicles, handwashing is recommended while visiting each winery, cidery or distillery.
  7. If a guide must cough or sneeze, it is recommended they cover the cough or sneeze by doing so into their elbow, or cover their nose and mouth with a tissue that is to be disposed of immediately into a trash can. If the latter occurs, the guide are to wash their hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds or apply alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Company Policies:

  1. If you are sick, stay home, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. All guides must report to a manger/owner immediately if they have any symptoms of Covid-19 in the last 10 days, or if they are starting to show symptoms which may include: fever, chills, new or worsening cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, and new muscle aches or headache.
  3. If a guide has been instructed by Public Heath to self-isolate, they must follow those instructions, may not return to work until cleared to do so.
  4. All guides who have travelled outside the country, or who have come into contact with a confirmed Covid-19 case must self-isolate for 14 days and monitor for symptoms. They are to remain in contact with a manager or owner if they start to develop symptoms of Covid-19.
  5. If a guide falls ill while on tour, they are to contact ownership or a manager immediately, even if symptoms are mild.
  6. Guides have been instructed to call 911 if they, or a guest on tour falls severely ill (e.g., has difficulty breathing, or they are experiencing chest pain.)
  7. Immediate cleaning and sanitizing of all surfaces is to occur if anyone falls ill on tour.

Communication plan and training:

  1. All guides will undergo our training policy herein.
  2. All guides understand and have signed off on our policies for staying home when sick.
  3. We have posted signage within our tour vehicles stating physical distancing practices, and a reminder to sanitize their hands when entering the vehicle.
  4. We will be conducting a pre-entry survey prior to the start of the tour. Guests who are showing symptoms, or who have travelled outside of Canada within the last 14 days, will not be permitted.
  5. All guides have been trained on monitoring the tour vehicles to ensure that all policies and procedures are being followed.

Monitoring the workplace and updating plans as necessary:

  1. We have a plan in place to monitor risks, and we have entitled all guides to suggest changes to our policies and procedures.
  2. Guides know who to contact with all health or safety concerns.
  3. When resolving safety risks, all our guides will be involved, so they are aware of the changes as they occur.

Assess and address risks from resuming operations:

  1. We have a training program for all new and returning guides, which includes changes to our business, such as new processes and policies. Our Covid-19 action plan will be updated as required by the BC health authority.