Golfing, wine tours and powder hounds keep us pretty busy but its hard to resist some of the other fun things to do in the Okanagan valley when your van is equipped to haul 14 people, 10 mountain bikes, 6 pontoon fishing boats or whatever other apparatus you might need to swing, slide, roll or float your way to a fantastic time in or around Kelowna BC.

Here’s a short interview with Richard of Discover Okanagan Tours

1) What kind of service do you mainly offer?
We offer Wine and golf tours in the summer and private ski shuttles in the winter months.

2) Do you enjoy welcoming tourists from around the globe?
We are thrilled touring all tourists around the globe showcasing where we live and and how lucky we are to live in this beautiful province of BC!

3) Are there any discounts that people can use when visiting your website?
We offer daily specials on our wine tours throughout the summer months on our website and facebook!

4) Why should our readers consider checking out your business?
We thrive on Providing all our guests with a phenomenal experience and long lasting memories to everyone that visits the Okanagan. Also for our wine tours its a great way to see the beautiful valley and learn about the art of wine making and meeting new friends from around the world! Plus we do all the driving 🙂

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